MOJA BABICA ® Prenatal classes / workshops for future parents

As a Bachelor of Midwifery and Master in Nursing Care, I decided to offer more to women and couples. From June 2017 I have been available for you with prenatal classes. I believe that preparing for childbirth and parenting in pregnancy is very important for a good birth experience, and especially for parents to find satisfaction in their new life roles. My opinion is that it is not only the birth itself that matters in pregnancy, but primarily the recognition and acceptance of oneself.

The workshops are divided into two parts, total of 4 lectures. Workshops are interconnected, linked, upgraded.

The first workshop I recommend early in pregnancy (from week 12 or from nuchal scan) and later on is “Physiological pregnancy and early preparation for parenting”. Why? Since it’s important for you to get information on topics listed below as soon as possible:

– Physiological pregnancy (normal course of pregnancy), changes and problems that can occur in pregnancy and are still considered as normal.
– Get acquainted with the pregnancy examinations and examinations that we carry out in Slovenia with pregnant women.
– That you are aware of the importance of proper body stance, proper lifting of loads, proper sitting, getting up, etc.
– It is also important that you choose the appropriate and SAFE exercise for you during pregnancy, we also talk about this topic.
– Pregnancy is also a period where you are most receptive to changing your lifestyle and nutritional habits to a better one, so we are talking about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
– We also conduct practical exercises.

All mentioned is followed by a three set lecture/workshop “School for parents (prenatal classes) with different approach”- preparation for childbirth and parenting. Apart from a detailed lecture on anesthesia, we process all the subjects of the usual parenting school ( prenatal classes), only that we work in smaller groups, with several practical exercises. Workshops are suitable to attend at about 30 weeks of pregnancy.

1.CHILDBIRTH, because it is important that you know the labour from the beginning to the end, so that you know what to expect:

– What is the labour, when it begins, the signs  of the labour;
– What is the birth mechanism;
– Stages of labour from 1-4;
– What happens when not everything goes as planned – operative delivery (caesarean section, vacuum) ;
– The role of labour supporters;

2. BREASTFEEDING AND POSTPARTUM PERIOD, because it is important to learn about breastfeeding in your pregnancy and start planning a postpartum period, not only the labour itself.

– The benefits of breastfeeding for mother and newborn;
– Recommendations for breastfeeding;
– Correct attachment;
– We will learn how to hand express breast milk ; 
– How to interpret your baby’s sucking patterns;
– Is the child gaining enough weight?;
– You will also get to know the selected problems that you may encounter a few days after giving birth and we will talk about self-help;
– We will talk about the importance of the postpartum period, postpartum aches and pains and self-help;
– The word will also apply to sexuality after childbirth and sports after childbirth;
– We will mention the postpartum plan;

3. NEWBORN and SOCIAL RIGHTS, so you can bravely enter into your new life role.

– The characteristics of the newborn;
– Handling the newborn – practical display;
– Taking care of the newborn;
– First medical check of the newborn;
– Screening tests;
– We will talk about maternity leave, paternity leave, supplements, etc.;

These workshops are organized in groups, but you can also book individual terms and choose what suits you best.

At individual meetings we can talk about:

– Birth plan;
– Postpartum plan;
– Your personal problems, together we will find solutions;
– Further discuss the topics that were presented at the workshops, but you think that you need more information;
– Other topics on demand;

– Moja Babica® is #1  privately owned Midwifery brand in Slovenija
– I have a formal professional university degree (BSc in midwifery in 2012; MA degree in Nursing care in 2016)

– I study regulary,  actively and passively, and gather knowledge
– I’m interested that you recieve relevant information
– I have many years of experience in the public health system – University Medical Centre – Maribor(over 250 labours)
– I have a female-oriented approach
– Midwifery is not just my profession, it’s my way of life.
– I have a different approach presenting different themes from “parent’s school”, in small groups with several practical exercises
– I wish that women establish trust with providers of midwifery care and in the physiology of childbirth.

Group workshops take place in the small hall at the Kamnica Cultural Center, Vrbanska cesta 97, 2351 Kamnica.







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